Thursday, 19 July 2018

Dynamics CRM : ViewRoleConfiguration

Recently in Dynamics 365 I got a requirement to show system views based on user security role. 
I try find any out-of-box way to achieve this but unfortunately there is no Out-of-box way to achieve this.
I had developed customize way to configure System views visibility based on security role. 
After completing my solution, I think this might be requirement for other CRM users also.

This tool is working only on classic CRM and also install a solution in your environment.

So, I have created XRMToolBox plugin for this configuration. Now anyone can download this plugin either from XRMToolBox or from given link ( Download Pluginand configure.

Configuration: -

  • Open XRMToolBox and connect to your Organization.
  • Search “view-role configuration” if already installed else go to XRMToolBox “Plugin Store” and install this plugin. Or save downloaded plugin in your Plugin folder.

  • Open View-Role Configuration plugin. If you are using this plugin first time you need to click on “Import Solution” button first.

  • This step will install a new solution named “ViewRoleConfiguration” in your organization. This solution is developed on Dynamics 365(9.0) version.

  • Once this solution is successfully installed. We are ready to configure our system views based on different security role.
  • Click on “Retrieve Data” button. This will retrieve security role list and entities list.

  • Select your “Security Role” for which you want to configure view permission.

  • Now select entity for which need to configure view permission.

  • On Entity selection, it will show all system views whose (querytype is 0). I.e view which shows in view selector.

  • Select the view which you want to hide for given security role.

Example: - I am using “My Active Accounts” for demo.

  • Now click on “Save Data”. This will create a record in “View Role Configuration” entity. This record will be used to enable security role-based view visibility.

Before View-Role view configuration: -

After View-Role Configuration: -

  • We can see that “My Active Accounts” is not visible in Account view selector list. Even this view also not available in advance find view.

  • When we want to remove View-role security. Follow the same process and now just de-select view and click on “Save Data”. This will delete the configuration record and view will become available for that security role.
  • We can also delete this solution from your organization with the help of given plugin.

Note: - Use two users while testing this plugin. One user by which you connect XRMToolBox. Second user which have that security role on which you are configuring security role-based system views.

Please provide your comment and share your reviews.


  1. It's an interesting tool.
    I tried it, its work well for the classical interface, but it doesn't work for UCI.
    Do you have any idea how we can hide view in UCI without creating a lot of apps?

    1. Hi Amandine,
      I have used only in classical interface. Need more research for UCI interface.

    2. OK thanks for your answer :)

  2. I have problem with this tool.
    When I hide view from one role, this view dissapeared from all roles.
    This happened only with three roles. With other roles it works good.
    What`s wrong can be with these roles?

    1. Check record in View Role Configuration entity.

  3. Very Interesting blog..!!
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  4. I like the tool a lot. Unfortunately I had to stop using it because it throws a generic error when trying to get to the Outlook filters under personal Options. Once I removed your solution everything works as expected.

  5. unfortunately this tool do not support synchronization filters for outlook.

  6. Hi Santosh when install this plugin then our portal some functionality not work properlly.

  7. Nice post. Santosh, it is feasible to see the interface of this plugin under any CRM area for eg. marketing ?

    1. You can add View Role Configuration entity in marketing it visualize result but for interface need xrmtoolbox.

  8. Hello Santhosh,

    This tool is amazing. But it is throwing an error when i click on import solution. Please find the below error details and do the needful. I am working on Version 1612 ( (DB on-premises.

    You can only import the solution with a package version of 8.2 or earlier into this organization.

    1. For me i am having problem with my version currently i am using. Please do the needful on this.

  9. I am able to hide using security role, but i am not able to see the view to make it visible again.

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  12. Hello Santosh, I'm facing issue while connecting with CRM with is Plugin can you help me out in this thanks In Advance.

  13. Check your XrmToolBox version it should be v1.2019.2.32.
    you can download from


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