Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Xrmtoolbox Personal-view

In CRM as a developer we always want to managed Personal Views created by users.

But in Dyanmics CRM/365 their is no provision to see other user personal view and change their share properties.

I have create a plugin for Xrm toolbox. with the help of this plugin you are able to see Personal views created by other users.
  1. Install plugin to XRM toolbox.
  2. Open "Personal View" plugin.
  3. Click on "Retrieve Users" to get list of all users with that organization.
  4. Select any user from user drop down list, it will show all "Personal view" whose owner is selected user.
  5. "Double click" on any View from that list. It will show team within user "business unit". and user list and show all access list for that view.
  6. Double click on any team or user which is not in access list, it will add user or team in access list.
  7. Do required access modification in Access list.
  8. Click on "Run" to submit the changes.
Note:- Remove all access from access list for particular team or user, if you want to remove share for that user or team.
Download and install plugin in your xrm toolbox plugin folder.


  1. Thank you for your work Santosh! I am having trouble installing version 1.2019.11.20 and I also do not see it on GitHub. Can you help with this?

    1. Were you able to get any help on this. I to am also having trouble updating it. XrmToolbox constantly keeps telling me there an update. I process the update. But then it doesn't actually update.

    2. Issue fixed now. get latest 1.2021.07.26 version of plugin.

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