Thursday, 12 April 2018

Dynamics CRM: Entity Security

In CRM as a developer we sometime need to see permission given to any entity in each security role.
But in Dynamics CRM/365 there is no provision to see this in single glance. We need to open each security role to check permission for any entity.

Case Study: -
Developer X is working in an organization as support engineer. He was not part of implementation team.
Now an issue in raised by users they can update notes of other users. Now X must check permission of user for note entity.
He checks security role of user1 not found:
User have assigned 15 security roles.
User have assigned 13 teams.
He goes to security roles and found there are 150 security roles are present in their organization.
He need to check all 150 security roles to verify permission given in note entity.

Solution: -
To tackle this case study, I have created a XrmToolBox Plugin which help Developer X.
1. User can see permission given to entity in each security role.
2. User can check team and user list based on selected security role for any business unit.
3. User able to see all security roles.

Download XRMToolBox from given URL and install.


Install EntitySecurityRole Plugin in your XRMTollBox using plugin store.

If you are not able to find EntitySecurityRole.
Go to given Link :  Download Plugin
And download plugin from here. Install in XRMToolBox by clicking Settings->Path->Storage folder->Plugin folder.
Copy assembly in Plugin folder.

Connect your organization and open plugin Entity Security Role

Click on “Retrieve Entities” and select your Entity.

Now you will see list of all security roles in security role list and Permission given to selected entity in each security role.

Now if you want to list of team and user based for any security role.

Select your business unit and then select required security role. And now you will able to see all team and user have for selected security role based on your selected business unit.
You can also export security role result in excel.

Now Developer X will easily able to find in which security role permission need to change.
Note: - Plugin based on .net framework 4.5.2

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  1. Great tool. I use it when working with my clients and discussing security. One suggestion if you are open to it. Right now you can only export the one entity to Excel. If you could make it export all or a selected list, this would put it over the top for documentation on environments. Thanks for the great tool.

  2. Getting error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." when using Entity Security Role and selecting Retrieve Entities

    Deployment: Online
    DB Version:
    Connection Controls Version: 1.2020.5.33
    XrmToolBox Version: 1.2020.6.40

  3. I'm getting the same issue while connected to CRM Online. XrmToolBox version 1.2020.10.41 and Entity Security Role version 1.2019.11.21.

  4. Same issue. Will this be fixed? Tool would be very valuable for us to make sure, sensitive info is not shared accidentally

  5. I am also getting below error message, is there a fix for this????

    An error occured: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

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